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Escritorio Biblico is a program that provides a full version of the 1960 King James version of the Bible which you can annotate and use to bookmark verses, or to cross-check the Bible by searching it like you would any other book.

The software includes a digital calendar and contact manager which can store the data of believers and nonbelievers alike. It also includes a task manager from which you can send emails to groups of people both simply and easily. It has biblical, theological, Greek, name, and Concordance dictionaries, as well as biographies of biblical characters.

Other features include a sermon editor, an MP3 player (for playing sermons, the Bible as an audiobook, and/or praise songs), and an Ecclesiastical calendar that shows the year as established by the Church.

Escritorio Biblico is an ideal software for believers, enabling them to stay connected to the Holy Bible.
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